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I guess, something rung in my head today, because today is the 1st day now for Year 6 of the Why Not a Blog !

The first 3-4 years was an entry for every single day, which was quite the streak for me to say something about photography
for every day,

Its a funny conversation for me, because its like standing in a darkened room giving a lecture, perhaps there is a full room
of folks leaning forward, or maybe a half filled room, falling asleep, or perhaps none at all, as the voice fades to the sound
absorption material.

over time,, each blog registers readers, sometimes into the 1000's so perhaps some might enjoy a scattering of thoughts.

last few months was a flurry of photography trips for a wide variety of shots. All are processed, filed, and perhaps some will
get printed. I have a habit of editing all photos withing 48 hours. Next big event is an all day class for the full moon, and then
a nice trip to Miami for something different, but I have a nice month break where I can just take shots that interest me

oh,, and a tip, Easy Canvas Print offers amazing discounts,, and I am happy with the quality, check it out.

well, onward to year 6!

video has gone corrupt-_dsc9031-richmond_final-smaller.jpg
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