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and soon Fall will be here, and we shift seasons and thought of what type of photos to take,

One of my favorite is multi shots, camera held vertical to get more and make nice and wide shots, opens up the potential of the
camera so much. such as.

Taking indoor photos with Nikon D3000-hiking-smaller.jpg

so,, enjoy merging and seeing do in grand images.

so,, my last blog,, I so wished Nikon to come out with mirrorless, and looks like we are one step closer. Time to
start a long term savings account for this.

Looking forward to a 2 week photo trip in England, more and more, I savor these extended time with some
planned shots, and the rest filled with surprises.

also, just got back some metal prints for an upcoming Art show, always a pleasure to see your work and
people you have been coaching for years now making progress.

I tend to think of photography teaching more as coaching, with incremental lessons, examples shots, and
gentle feedack/critique sessions. Over a long period of time, shots get better,

speaking of an issue, you will notice the left corner of that pano shot is all white, where the I will need to
stretch if I ever planned to do anything with the shot, but, naw, just a random example to show in this
blog, but easy enough to correct before any real use of the print.

well, clean those senors, polish your glass, and get ready for the fall colors!
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