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just locked in a used nikkor 70-200 F4 VR,, It was between the F4 used or a older used 2.8,, but I really got swayed with the lighter weight and
awesome reviews. I tried out one at my local shop, and zoomed in on some writings, sharp sharp,

We are really getting spoiled in sharpness, gone are the days that one has to tolerate less then stellar sharpness, and fact, I rarely every use sharpening
anymore. I remember starting out with Digital, always fiddling with the tradoff of sharpening and noise. Even the noise at higher ISO is more tolerable.

well, crossing my fingers that my copy lives up to the hype,

I have been using my 75-150 a lot, and a 200 Prime, since I have kinda given up on my 80-200 zoom (not sharp enough).

the last major shoot needing longer lens, I just used my 300 mm F4,, no sharpness issues there, but a couple of times, I was wishing for some
zoom, course, that extra 100 mm was also handy. mmmm hear the 70-300 is not a bad lens, but,, then I can just use the sigma 100-600, a decent
long zoom, a tad slow on focus.

anyhow. I better stop looking at gear! spent al the tax return! and then some,, oops.
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Updated 04-15-2017 at 03:17 AM by stmv

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