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Yippee, the DF showed up,, perhaps the most panned SLR that Nikon released, and... hah,, I love it!

The one issue that kept me away,,, was size,, and yes, it still feels bloated, especially when I put next to my
trusty F3, but when I place it next to my D800,, it is a shrink, and compared to what a D4 or D5, its tiny.

I immediately moved the aperture control to the rear command dial, way more natural then that tiny wheel
up front, Fundamentally, most of the time I will be using my classical manual lens with the manual focus
and aperture on the lens, and even my old AFD lens have the aperature control. So,, I will use the
lens aperture and top exposure dial just like well,, my F3! and any modern lens, use the rear command
dial for aperture.

I picked up a factory reconditioned model,, and the shutter count was at 2914! so,, one gets the discount
and yet have basically an like new camera, factory tuned to spec, I have heard often that buying factory
rebuilds of the way to go.

so,, will the DF make magic, well, in one area, I already have confirmed that the noise is less at
higher ISO, so, this camera will comfortably take me up to ISO 6400,, with same quality as say
the 800 at 1600,, which is well FANTASTIC!

If one can eliminate sharpening and Noise control,, then one is already WAY ahead, since either edits
reduces effective pixels. What good is a 36 Million sensor if you have to sharpen and or reduce noise.

Don't get me wrong, on a outside day,, the D800 36 Million sensor, is fantastic!

I wanted the black, but got the silver, but does make it look even more of a old school camera. Definitely will
confuse people.

Is this a camera for you?? well, only if you LOVE shooting in manual mode, and like the old fashion controls, otherwise, perhaps
not, but, I shoot all my gear in manual mode, unless in some sports mode, and even then,, I set up the exposure, aperature, and
then still shoot manual , but auto focus continuous high speed burst.

anyhow, overtime, I'll see if my love of this camera grows or fades, with use.
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Updated 04-06-2017 at 04:35 PM by stmv

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