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Figured I'd go a quick overview and update it as I go along since I've HARDLY found any useful info on this guy being overshadowed by the Di version.
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  1. DraganDL's Avatar
    Nice little review!
    Keep in mind that these two basic variations (Di and non-Di) differ from each other in one very important aspect - "Di" variation (although "gelded") has the internal motor drive, so not only the full frames and DX pro-models but literary ALL digital Nikons can autofocus with it. Otherwise, in terms of the optical quality, Di and non-Di are virtually the same thing (good, yet affordable macro/portraiture lenses!).
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    Updated 05-02-2014 at 11:11 PM by DraganDL
  2. SkvLTD's Avatar
    Well, there are 2 Di versions- a-la-Nikkor D and a-la G, so in total this thing has 3 incarnations thus far.
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