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Spent Memorial weekend on a trip to Idaho, took the kids to see Bear World, it was pretty interesting.
We stayed at the Shilo Inn in Idaho Falls, the balcony lined the Snake River.
this historic cabin was right out the balcony.

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about a mile away if that from the hotel is the falls, who knew it could be so loud; you could not hear it from the hotel. amazing.

Recovering deleted pictures from D40-mba_2236edit.jpg

Managed to frame it up and get the water tower in.

Recovering deleted pictures from D40-mba_2242edit.jpg

Now off to Bear world for some fun with bears.

I took the ride pics with my cell phone because you have to have the windows up the entire drive through and my window were so dirty from the evening drive to Idaho from Utah.

Recovering deleted pictures from D40-mba_2156edit.jpg

Though the day was getting in to the morning heat the babies were the most animated.

Recovering deleted pictures from D40-mba_2157edit.jpg

Recovering deleted pictures from D40-mba_2161edit.jpg

Recovering deleted pictures from D40-mba_2165edit.jpg

in all the trip to Bear World was a great place to take young kids. maybe next year we can hit Yellowstone with more time then we have in Idaho.
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  1. DraganDL's Avatar
    Beautiful place, nice shots. That of the falls is my favorite here.
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    Updated 05-31-2014 at 09:55 PM by DraganDL
  2. Mis Adam's Avatar
    I wish I would have had more time to spend at the falls and surrounding area. what I did see was beautiful. good things the family wants to go back.
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