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I love to go walking and you know it is not exercise if you are sporting a camera. The day started out gorgeous and I almost missed it. I woke up late and rushed out of bed when I see the sun thinking I totally overslept, only to find it was 8:30 Am whew, there is still time. Time is all I gave today, ME time, much needed me time.
I headed out to a local favorite Sunday spot. only two edits the rest I left SOOC.

Found a Skeksis by the duck pond,
d300- gift-032314-107-.jpg
d300- gift-032314-76-.jpg
d300- gift-032314-66-.jpgd300- gift-032314-50-.jpg

off the birds now the farm finds.

d300- gift-032314-155-.jpg d300- gift-032314-158-comp.jpg d300- gift-032314-169-comp.jpg

As always thanks for stopping by.
Misti Adam
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  1. Philnz's Avatar
    There is no doubt the early bird catches the worm. Great shots.
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  2. Mis Adam's Avatar
    Thank you. this was the only bird besides the ducks swans and geese that wanted to be photographed.
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  3. DraganDL's Avatar
    You had a beautiful light, but that light is rather "strong" for the most of the "open air" scenes here. Close-ups are very interesting - since these are "straight out of camera" shots, I suggest some cropping:
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  4. Mis Adam's Avatar
    I will try that thank you!
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  5. RON's Avatar
    Gotta love a good walkabout and you've done good. I especially liked the haymaker. Operated one
    of those in the mid-fifties on a farm in Indiana.
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