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Got my wall image cleaned up. What do you think?
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  1. Whiskeyman's Avatar
    I'll have to think about it. The distracting bits at the bottom are gone, but it seems to need something beside a black band. Maybe a sidewalk or asphalt ...

    Sorry to be so picky. I still like it, though. Great eye!!

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  2. kevy73's Avatar
    No don't apologise at all - it is good and welcomed. I am feeling kinda the same - also to me on this monitor at work the biggest bottom left triangle looks marginally blacker to me than the rest...
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  3. Ironwood's Avatar
    I think this is an improvement on the original. The black doesn't quite look natural, with the green vegetation line along the bottom of the wall.
    I don't know what the answer is, maybe grey paving bricks. (You could lay them in your spare time )

    I like the image though, very unique.
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  4. Rick M's Avatar
    I really like it and the black base since it kinda creates a floating feel. I'd bring my weedeater and get rid of the vegetation, it would be perfect. Maybe clone the black base to cover the greens for a straight line?
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