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  1. Whiskeyman's Avatar
    I like it! If they could do away with the galvanized pipe/curb, it would help! FWIW, you might want to move the bride's dress to above the pipe instead of under it to de-emphasize it next time.

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  2. Rick M's Avatar
    I think I'd make a portable platform for the subjects to stand on if you're gonna use that spot. Then you can easily crop out the bottom.
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  3. rachelbardin's Avatar
    I think this is amazing!
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  4. Scott Murray's Avatar
    Nice wall, but as others said pity about the pipe.
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  5. Ruidoso Bill's Avatar
    The Pipe and His Shadow, some fill would have helped the shadow, the pipe is a PS or correct it in composition, too late now.
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  6. kevy73's Avatar
    Stay tuned for an edited version of this image.
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