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Wedding photography is a niche that requires a certain kind of talent. You can't just point the camera at a person and start shooting. You have to see emotion, feel moments that sometimes only last seconds, direct family members, and translate that all into a beautifully composed picture.

We were lucky to find an amazing wedding photographer to capture our special day. Debi Parker just happens to be a fellow Nikonite. Armed with a D700 and an array of Nikkor lenses, Debi was able to capture the pure joy, tenderness, and excitement of our wedding, something a lot of wedding photographers fail to do. These kind of photos only come from photographers that have a natural artistic ability and absolutely love what they do.

See more pictures here:

Visit Debi Parker's site here:
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Updated 07-20-2010 at 06:03 PM by jdeg

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  1. MwCapel's Avatar
    GREAT photos!!!
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  2. Browncoat's Avatar
    She did an awesome job, I'm very impressed. Though I have to ask...what's with the toga dudes? LOL!
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  3. jdeg's Avatar
    haha - we randomly ran into them on the street and said 'hey, wanna be in our picture?'.
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  4. fotojack's Avatar
    Absolutely awesome photos., John! You're a lucky man! She's gorgeous! And now I finally know what "jdeg" stands for! I always wondered, eh.

    Congratulations on your nuptials. I wish for a happy life ahead of you. Just remember........"she who must be obeyed" !
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  5. Ruidoso Bill's Avatar
    Really nice, I've always been told every picture should tell a story and I can see that in all of them. Nothing better than outside on a decent day!
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  6. fowler68's Avatar
    awesome job !!!!
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  7. Danirho's Avatar
    As a fellow wedding photographer I have to give kudos to Debi for a fantastic job and beautiful photos of your wedding. Very true that shooting weddings takes a special kind of talent (and in many cases a lot of patience). Most important is your have to LOVE your job, something I can proudly say that I do. Amazing photos!
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  8. mariammat's Avatar
    This album is spectacular. What I love about it , is how un-cliche it is. Like the picture where the groom is pointing to his ring, and they both have these crazy looks on their faces, or the pictures by the colorful doors. 12/10..absolutely breathtaking, good job!
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  9. mrborgie13's Avatar
    awesome !!! like shooting celebrities .
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  10. Mis Adam's Avatar
    I love what you said it is very well put. I just wish I could share that with a know it all, I know that has no idea about "The Moment" . trying to get some one to understand that being posed and told what to do is not exactly the moment in my mind. although I do know that there is a time and a place at times where you do have to do the pose or mearly suggest direction for a pose. thank you for that statement.
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  11. Red Kite's Avatar
    Brilliant memento of your special day. Well done Debi. It shows all the happiness and emotion of the occasion, from bride and groom showing off their rings, the guys dancing, right down to the bridesmaid with tears in her eyes. Fantastic job
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  12. naja's Avatar
    Wedding Photography is very very exhausting and something that many photographers will not touch. It demands skill, patience, ability to adapt to changing circumstances quickly, being able to organise people, being able to overcome shyness and reticence; I could go on and on.

    However, when it works well and you see the Bride (and usually the mum too ) after the event the look on their face as they see the images is priceless!!!!
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  13. N~Grace's Avatar
    awesome photos!! Thank you for sharing
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