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  1. I have chosen wisely

    I have been thinking the last couple of days about how exciting it is to develop and manage this art gallery that I have built from the ground up and about the three very talented women, I have emplyed to make it and ongoing reality.
    And the following came to mind.
    Have you all see the third installment of Indiana ...
  2. The perception of reality

    Nikon D80 - Sigma 17-70 macro. Macro setting used as warranted.
    The photographer was intent on creating an ambigious, almost abstract ambience in this particular series.
    There was enough light that these were shot without a tripod.
    There is so much that we dont pay attention to... right in our back yard in this case. ...
  3. Creative perspective

    The following are created using a 17mm lens set at f22 with teh camera at only a few inches from the floor
    AT f22 with the light available, the camera has to be held still and or supported as the shutter speed required is usually around 1 to 3 seconds.
    The ISO is 200 and the lens is manually set to infinity ...
  4. Photographing people in a cafe or restaurant

    There are several approaches that I use, depending where I am, as in; do I know the people here; is it crowded; are the people looking at me? The first thing to do, even if I am in a cafe where I am known, is to gauge the mood of the people. Known to me or not, people have different moods, and sometimes they just dont want to be messed with. This of ...
    Photos , Black & White
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Images What's the best nikon camera for photography?-hpcb0048.jpg 
  5. Using NATURAL light

    I have always been a huge supporter/subsriber to natural window light.
    It is not always as easy as one might imagine, but it just takes some getting used to.
    Photographer talk about how you have to have balanced light, fill flash, reflectors and so on. but in my opinion such a practice introduces an unnatural flatness, ...