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A special treat at hot-air balloon festivals is the balloon glow (or "moonglow") done after sunset, in which the balloons sit inflated on the ground and the pilots periodically ignite the burners to make the envelope of the balloon glow like a lantern. Often, specatators gather around the glowing balloons with the crew and are cast in the light of the glow, adding to the warm, festive atmosphere.

These are my favorite balloon glow shots, taken at different festivals since I've had my Nikon D80 and the 18-200mm VR lens. They are shot at ISO 100 with a tripod (except for #5, which was shot handheld at ISO 400 as a test). Hope you like the photos:

1. L-R: "Purple People Eater" and others at the 2009 Quechee VT Balloon Festival.

2. L-R: "Tailwind", (unknown), and "Going Batty II" at the 2010 Quechee VT Balloon Festival.

3. L-R: (Unknown), "Gary's Balloon", "Amazing Grace", (unknown) at the 2010 Pittsfield NH Balloon Rally

4. L-R: "Wild Ride", "Amazing Grace", (unknown) at the 2009 Pittsfield NH Balloon Rally

5. "Party Time" flying tethered at the 2010 Plainville CT Balloon Festival

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Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Which Nikon D-SLR is better: D60 or D500-875888709_j99ek-l.jpg  

Which Nikon D-SLR is better: D60 or D500-915694060_zzja2-l.jpg  

Which Nikon D-SLR is better: D60 or D500-962913063_n7nxj-l.jpg  

Which Nikon D-SLR is better: D60 or D500-875908945_ajpn3-l.jpg  

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  1. Be More's Avatar
    Beautiful Pictures! love it
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  2. Sean Harrison's Avatar
    Stunning Pictures
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