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Well, I was going to go to Gettysburg with a friends' folks, just tag along and shoot photos of what I imagine the 150th anniversary of the Battle would be...But at the last minute, they realized that tickets were 35 bucks and the event lasted all day. There's not much else to do in town during the battle re-enactment.

Me, being the military history buff, wouldn't have minded at all. But the cheapskates didn't want to go and instead want to do a 'brunch at a brewery' instead. I'm all for beer, but come on.. I would drive myself up there, but I can't afford all the gas, my car badly needs an alignment that will cost over a hundred dollars and I'm awaiting to start a new job on Monday the 8th. The best I'm going to be able to do this weekend is shoot the fireworks in DC which I've already done/seen a million times before.

What a once in a lifetime opportunity missed. I feel sort of terrible. Poop.
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  1. Ijustwant1's Avatar
    That is crap ! can you go with them and do your own thing and then go home with them ?
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  2. eurotrash's Avatar
    Well, they decided not to go, so there goes my ride up there.. They just decided they want to stay local and go to some brewery here near where we live. I've been to them all already, haha.
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