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Well I had to go to the eye doc to get some new glasses. I have been wearing bifocals for years so the doctor convinced me to try the new digital progressives that they have now. No line and the glass is ground to have the perfect prescription no matter what part of the lens you are looking through. I have also been wanting the Transition lens that changes when you get in the sun. Since I am out almost everyday shooting I thought this would be better on my eyes. I have not gotten them before because they will not darken in the car since they react to UV and the car windshield has UV protection in it. Now they have Active transition lenses that do change in the car So I had to have that to. Picked a nice light weight frame to go with it all. So my wife and I are sitting there while the lady adds it all up. $1,400 and that was after what I insurance pays. Took me a couple of minutes to find my jaw where I dropped it. Oh well, protecting our eyes is important. Guess I will have to put off that D7100 for a little while longer.
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  1. nikonpup's Avatar
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    Updated 07-25-2013 at 05:50 AM by fotojack
  2. Moab Man's Avatar
    My transitions kick my butt trying to shoot and see things correctly. I often shoot looking over the top of my glasses.
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  3. Roy1961's Avatar
    i am fighting a battle to admit i need glasses.

    but i am losing big time. Joking aside,

    on the bright side mate, the D7200 will be out soon
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  4. fotojack's Avatar
    I've been wearing progressive lenses for the past 20 years. Nothing new, Don. As for transition thanks. After awhile, they will lose their ability to transition quickly.....both ways.
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  5. crycocyon's Avatar
    The last pair of glasses where through insurance so I picked from the box of cheap frames they had...found a Harley Davidson pair of black frames, didn't need anything fancy...not even anti-reflection coating.....$30.

    Let's hope those new glasses last you a verrrry long time.
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