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Day 9 of not being able to pick up my Nikon and I am going stir crazy. I can drive now but it is not real easy so I just stay home. My wife carried my out for pizza this evening and afterward we went for a walk down by the creek. It was perfect weather. She got this picture of my with her iPhone.

best model (Nikon cool pix)-img_1883-don.jpg
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  1. wud's Avatar
    I hope your arm will work soon! Must be so frustrating - but, heal up good and you will hopefully be able to take pictures for the rest of your life.
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  2. Marilynne's Avatar
    Can't you get your wife to put the camera on your tripod and drag it around for you? All you'd have to do is aim, focus and shoot!! Get well soon!
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  3. crycocyon's Avatar
    One hand shooting? Program mode?

    Hang in there!
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  4. Don Kuykendall's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by crycocyon
    One hand shooting? Program mode?

    Hang in there!

    Been trying to figure out how to shoot left handed. How do left handed people shoot?

    The real problem right now is the doc won't let me pick up that much weight and I still can't raise my shoulder up enough to hold it if I could.

    Tripod, monopod, all require two hands. Just going to have to wait and go crazy.

    Thanks for the thoughts.
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  5. Mfrankfort's Avatar
    Have your wife put the camera on the tripod, lock in the settings, compose the shot, and then you hit the button. It'll technically be YOU taking the picture... problem solved. haha. Get better soon!! And being left is good. We're right-minded people. :0)
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  6. Roy1961's Avatar
    Don, you will be back soon stronger than ever
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  7. STM's Avatar
    Man, that's a shame. This is still your shoulder (rotator cuff) right? Get well soon!
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  8. JohnFrench's Avatar
    That's a pretty good iPhone photo, and get well soon sir!
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