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Well I retired and now have some time to shoot what I want. The first week I broke my beloved D3100 so that set me back a week or so while I upgrade to the D5100. I have to say though after shooting the D5100 a few times I am really happy I dropped the D3100.
The D5100 is an amazing camera. Seeing the difference in sharpness of the D3100 and the D5100 makes me wonder if I had a dud in the D3100. Oh well onward and upward.
We have only had a few days where it was not raining or cold and overcast so I have not had much good shooting weather. Add to that contractors in stripping wallpaper and painting has really kept me busy. Mom in the hospital about 100 miles away in my hometown is going to take up the rest of my week but I do plan on carrying my D5100, Sig522 and Taurus 24/7 Pro 9mm. I am going to do some shooting. I may even shoot video of me shooting.
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Updated 02-27-2013 at 06:32 AM by Don Kuykendall

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  1. Eye-level's Avatar
    Right on! :)
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  2. stmv's Avatar
    Yes,, enjoy,, 5100 is a nice package,,,
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  3. cbg's Avatar
    Don - congratulations on retiring and getting the D5100. Because of a dramatic decrease in work at my firm, I may be retiring shortly as well, eve nthough I would prefer to work a couple of more years. Of course, the advantage to being retired is that I can spend much more time outdoors with my D7000.

    Enjpy the D5100, it is a great camera, but then again, I really like my D7000.
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  4. Ruidoso Bill's Avatar
    Congrats on the retirement! Watch out, you'll wonder where all the spare time went.
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  5. sam49's Avatar
    Hi Tracsoft,

    I too have just retired and I was lucky as the company I worked for bought me a D5100 as a retirement present. So now I have the time to use my D5100 and looking forward to taking some great shots.
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