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There's a parking garage right in the flight way of the San Diego International airport. I was fortunate enough this morning to find a door not quite shut completely that allowed me access to the roof. Here is a compilation of photos using my D800 and 70-300mm, ISO-100

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  1. AC016's Avatar
    Nice pictures dave As a plane spotter myself, i just want to give you some friendly advice: in terms of the spot that you were taking pictures from, you may or may not be allowed to be there, even if the door was slightly open - don't want you getting arrested. Before going to the airport to spot, do a Google search about "plane spotting San Diego International". Please look at this site:

    Laurel and Solar Turbines parking lots are off limits, unless you are parking a car and nothing else - Solar Turbines lot is private property. In both these areas, they will either ask you to leave or have you arrested - signs are posted at the Laurel parking lot stating that photography is prohibited.

    I don't mean to read the riot act to you, i jsut don't want you getting arrested or into other trouble. if you do get into trouble, it may ruin plane spotting for all the passionate plane spotters who go to the right places around San Diego International. It's all a matter of security and we should all take part in it and respect it.

    Continue to plane spot, but in the right areas - listed on the website i linked.

    Again, thanks for the pictures, they are great
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  2. Dave_W's Avatar
    Oh, make no mistake, I was absolutely not allowed there. The only reason I got up there was due to a handle-less door that wasn't closed all the way so by using my fingernails I was able to pry it open. There's signs on the elevator and all around saying no tourists or sightseeing. blah, blah, blah. So yes, I went gorilla and would have no problem doing it again. No risk, no reward!
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  3. Philnz's Avatar
    I must get a D800, or can I have yours, when you get sent to jail?
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  4. Dave_W's Avatar
    Yes, Philnz, you can have my camera when I'm in jail. Just don't hold your breath...
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  5. Scott Murray's Avatar
    Haha must give credit where credit is due, that took some balls and the D800 delivered
    But the horizon is crooked haahha :P
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  6. Rick M's Avatar
    Love the perspective you got Dave, a rare opportunity. Sometimes ya just gotta roll the dice , but be careful!
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  7. TedG954's Avatar
    Excellent photo op and worth the risk.

    I was once threatened with camera forfeiture when I took a photo of an out-of-service transit train car! Ouch!

    I can imagine what Homeland Security would say when they found you on the roof. I think Guantanamo is still pretty warm this time of year.

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