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Over 3 weeks now with the Z7, and how is it doing, ... fantastic, No regrets getting rid of the Sony Gear, as Nikon
has gotten most of this mirrorless right. The camera is way lighter then the heavy Nikon SLRs, but still a nice
heft to let you know you have Nikon.

The grip and use of the camera is very natural. I really like the way they beefed up the speed control
dial and with the Z lens can change the aperature on the lens, so the camera can be shot very old

The images are awesome, 3D focus is the hot topic ,,, not as good as an 850, but then I did not have
an 850, and am not obsessed with auto focus 3D mode.

So,, for me, the camera allows me to focus my old Nikkor lens via focus peaking, and of course
control the exposure via the electronic view finder.

so,, far so good.
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  1. Call_me_Tom's Avatar
    I saw one in the flesh last week, I didn't handle it so I can only go off what I observed.

    I thought the camera was very small, almost too small. The guy who owned it told me that the grip makes up for it but he stated that he's selling most of his Gold lenses because they don't balance well with the FTZ.

    I also noticed that the edges were not smooth and rounded but angular and sharp. That's more of a personal taste I suspect and I don't have an opinion, it was just something I noticed.
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