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20 more days! and year 6 is done! amazing. I used to do these blogs every single day for almost the first 4 years, now, once a month or so,,

The Z7 has provided such precision in manual focus that I am finding myself buying Zeiss lens, and Voigtlander not your easiest lens to use
but with the peak focus set to max, quite easy.

One of the advantages to the M mount is that the lens can be use a much thinner adapter to the Z mount and still focus at infinity, giving
a form factor that is the smallest of any lens stetups on the Z. So, I have ordered 2 of them, a 15, and a 21, for the most compact ultra
wide, setup and and a almost pancake size wide angle.

I already have the lovely 45 Nikkor DF lens that is a pancake lens so thin that mounted on the thick FTZ adapter is still very compact. I know Nikon
users love their big bulky machines, but I still have fond memories of FEs FMs, F3s with nice compact Nikkor lens. The Z with these Zeiss lens
harken back to those days. Also, it proves that if Nikon really really wanted too, they could design some auto focus compact Z mount lens.
But will they?

I also picked up a used Zeiss 18,, what a gem.

here is a photo from it:

D3000 Flash activation-dsc_5487_final-smaller.jpg

as you can see quite nice.

Here is a picture of the lens on the camera
D3000 Flash activation-wow-18-side.jpg

really looks Great on the Z.

anyhow. here is Blog 345 of year 6,, these blogs must be pretty boring, because after 6 years, not a whole lot of comments. crickets on a summer night.
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    Your crickets comment gave me a chuckle.
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