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I'm not so good at computers - I been wanting to do a blog -or my own website for years - unable even paying on line.

I almost live and breath cameras,

Truly my Olympus Pen F is one of the best cameras I ever owned.( I also have an Olympus E-3 with Oly 18-180mm for car shows...seems best - keep coming back to it.

My lenses are a joy to my life - already my lensbaby Velvet 56 is one of the best lenses of my life.Stil maybe my fav. lens is my Speedmaster 25mm f0.95.
My main Pen F lenses are Oly m 9-18,Panasonic 12-60 (maybe my best lens),and my 45-175 Panasonic.

So we will start with the Speedmaster 25mm f0.95
Cost about $300. or so -might be your best investment lens

Such a great lens - I keep my lens TAPED at f0.95
You can shoot indoors in borderline POOR light.

See first photo ;
For sale forum?-p6082837bbbnnn-0.95.jpg

More later .
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  1. Larry E30's Avatar
    Oh - do blog have to be just Nikon ? If so please deleat. I do have 2 Nikon P+S's.
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  2. Marilynne's Avatar
    Why not start your own thread in the non-Nikon section? You can post your stuff there.
    @Larry E30
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  3. Larry E30's Avatar
    OK - will do. Come check me out... and my Flickr in about me or somewhere.
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