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Today is a momentous day! YIPPEE!!!! the mirrorless is here!!!!

ok, i am excited, How excited????? I was the first of a major camera store, to have my pre-order in! Years ago
when the D800 came in I was third in line.

Over the years, certain camera came along that I had to get right away.. they were:

D70, still a lovely camera

D80,, grins big 10 Meg/great price

D300, right away

D700 totally great

D800 3rd in line

Z7 yup, 1st in line..

I have written blogs on my wish of Nikon to come up with this.

Sony A7 Platform,, out it goes, along with the zoom lens, 35 prime, 55 prime, etc. The Sony was a very and is a very
nice plateform. but now I will have a larger selection of lens,

and well, I have been a Nikon user for ... ok, 43 years. So,, a bit tuned to Nikon.

I also sell my beloved D800. but keep the DF.. a funky camera, and creates such lovely toned images.

the D850 was almost enough for me, but, I held off another year for that rumored mirrorless, almost gave up!

ok,, I'll let you know how I like it. cross my fingers, Nikon got it right. Oh, I got the adaptor of course, discounted to
148 dollar with the pre-order. I'll wait a bit for the new lens family. start with the body.
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  1. stmv's Avatar
    well, Sony A7 sold along with 2 of the lens, one to go, looks like my D800 is sold next week. still have a bunch of stuff to sell, so,, should have a big chunk of the cost covered before the
    camera even shows up. The beauty of gear. they sell pretty fast. Biggest negative on the Z7 is the single card slot, but, I have never had a card failure, so, not super worry about it.
    I understand if you do weddings, I shot once recently with my DF. yes one card, so I had a full backup camera.
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