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My husband and I started the afternoon at Ocean Ridge Beach.

This is the entrance
There are lots of Sea Grape trees along the winding path

At last, the ocean

A Passing Container Ship

Two Guys Surf Fishing


He caught a Yellowtail Snapper (looks like he got him by the tail)

The sea is starting to get rough


A view to the south

Caution Flag flying at the Life Guard tower

Another view of the Sea Grape
Strangle Fig with variegated plant in Parking Lot

Blue Jay or Kingfisher??

End of Ocean Ridge
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  1. cbg's Avatar
    Blue Jay or maybe a Florida Scrub Jay, definately not a Kingfisher
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  2. gusflores's Avatar
    Owesome Photos!
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  3. Marilynne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gusflores
    Owesome Photos!
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  4. Crash_of_43's Avatar
    I sure enjoyed your sunset pics.........but i must warn you.........when you point the camera lens in the bright sun......its like a magnifying glass to the photo image plate in the camera and it will burn a spot on be seen in ever picture that you ever take of a blue sky......I damaged one of my digital cameras like that..........have a great day and week ahead.............Mike
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