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This cultural black hole and winter weather is just not what I expected. I have finished up a month early from what I was sent up here to do and I talked it over with the lab supervisor and she begrudgingly allowed me to go home early.

I did not get the wildlife photos I wanted to get up here but photos are not worth the extra month of dealing with this miserable climate. It has snowed 4 times in the last week and a half and the amount of daylight is decreasing with each day. It is a good 32 hours of straight travel time but it will be worth it to get out of here!
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  1. crycocyon's Avatar
    Sounds like you had quite an adventure. Well, I grew up in weather like that so sounds like a place I would enjoy actually. Have a safe trip back!
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  2. Michael J.'s Avatar
    That expierence is yours forever an dI wish you a safe return
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  3. Whiskeyman's Avatar
    Travel safely! Look for a strong episode of northern lights tonight!

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  4. FastGlass's Avatar
    I'm jealous. What an experience. It's neat to to know all the different careers people here have outside of this site. It's fun to travel but after a while, can't wait to get home.
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  5. Rick M's Avatar
    There's no place like home, have a safe trip! Gloomy weather is a huge downer, We get about 3-4 Months of it here in Syracuse NY, by which time I'm at my breaking point!
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