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My daughter tried jumping on a trampoline for the very first time. I'm sure the look of these shots is not for everyone, but for me it conveys the exhilaration. We usually think that lens flare is bad. This time though the shots would have been same-o-same-o blah without it. Lens flare is bad, until the moment comes that dictates it's necessary.




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Updated 07-26-2011 at 07:39 PM by pforsell (Removed the fourth picture)

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  1. Carolina Photo Guy's Avatar
    I have always like a good lens flare. In this case, it has an angelic quality.

    Good shootin' Tex!!
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  2. pforsell's Avatar
    Thanks for comments. After your reply I removed the fourth image and now I am considering a re-edit of the remaining three ones... perhaps less saturation. We'll see.
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  3. happlegate11's Avatar
    These are wonderful! The first one your little girl looks like a doll! She is so precious!!
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  4. Mis Adam's Avatar
    Oh my she has the most precious happy smile, this is why I love photography!
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