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I guess it had to come eventually.

I noticed when I got into this almost two months ago, all of the books and learning materials for Aperture seemed to be a bit dated. I wasn't real sure why the version info seemed to relate, but it just seemed that the software had been hanging out there. Not to mention, I had been storing all of my pictures in iPhoto ever since I bought my first MacBook Pro as a travel companion on the motorcycle, and sticking to the collections in iPhoto/Aperture made a lot of sense to me.

As I start getting into learning digital photography with the D5300, I find myself quickly wanting to spend time both with learning and perfecting the camera side of things ... aka getting the best shot on the camera that I can ... but also getting a grasp for the software side of things and what many call post-processing of developing their digital images. I have access to both Aperture and LightRoom, but started down the path with Aperture because I have it everywhere. With this announcement, and the track record Apple has with FCP (I had worked with FCP back in the 2001/2002 timeframe and ended up going with Premiere instead), my expectation is the new Photos app will be a beefed up iPhotos that falls short of what Aperture does today.

With that expectation ... anyone know any good LightRoom training?
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  1. RON's Avatar
    You know that at one time you could purchase Lightroom thru the Apple Aps store. If I had known they were going to abandon us I would have purchased it then. I hate the idea of a monthly fee.
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  2. SamSpade1941's Avatar
    There is no monthly fee on light room or Photoshop unless you are using the cloud versions of the software. I have owned numerous versions of Adobe's creative suite and purchased them from a vendor. The only cost I have incurred after purchase is any plug ins from third parities I have wanted to use.
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  3. RON's Avatar
    Well that is the way I would do it then. But I an not giving up my present Aperture till the pry it from my cold, dead fingers I paid for it and I am keeping it.
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  4. Woodyg3's Avatar
    Yeah, Ron, I bought Aperture just a month ago and really have been working to learn the program. Then this news pops up. The thing is, I will be able to use Aperture for quite a while down the line, I figure. They will have an updated version to work with Yosemite, but I really don't know that I have a reason to go to Yosemite when Mavericks is working well for me. I could see sticking with Mavericks and Aperture for many months or even years. The only hang up might be RAW files if I were to buy a new camera.

    I guess we'll have to see what this new app "Photos" (what a lame name!) will have feature wise.

    I have zero interest in having my pics on the cloud. If I want pics on my iPad or iPhone I can putthem there myself. Same if I want iPhone pics on my computer for some reason.

    Sorry for rambling.
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  5. RON's Avatar
    Hey, Ifeel your pain. I send Apple a poison pen letter once a day now. I use OX 9.3 or some such and I too will use my Aperture for as long as I can. If I have to skip software upgrades, so be it. Will probably not use their new "Photos" app at all. The fact that they are dumping on all their pro and semi-pro user will come back to bite them in the end.
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  6. RocketCowboy's Avatar
    I absolutely understand both sides of the discussion here.

    For my day job, I stay fairly refreshed on Apple hardware since access to newer WiFi functionality like 802.11ac typically requires the latest hardware. That latest hardware usually drives a minimum OSX release which will likely keep me from being able to run older versions of the OS. The home Mac Pro sets my lower OS limit right now which is 10.9.1 if I remember right. Likewise, while I do have an upgraded iCloud account, I don't have any desire to pay those storage prices for keeping even my finished pics in the cloud. It's just not cost effective for me, and I can access the home office storage a couple different ways from the road if the need arises where I need to pull down some archived RAW files to work on unexpectedly.

    I still have a few projects that I started in Aperture, so will continue to sort through those, but after that I suspect I'll start looking at alternatives in parallel to what I'm doing with Aperture. I agree with Ron though, while the Adobe pricing is ok by my budget today, my fear is that as competitive drops away, this option too becomes unwieldy and too expensive at some point and I'm once again back in the hunt. Time will tell.
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