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This post is more about forums than photography, but I think it's relevant to our forum.
Often you read the words "no offense, but" and someone trys to explain why their point of view is right and you are mistaken. And often it is spoken politely with a friendly attitude, with both parties striving to be helpful.

But then there are others who write "no offense,but" and thinks that gives them free rights to write jab after jab attacking the other person ruthlessly. Then to expect the member who was attacked so viciously to not be angry about the attack because of those three words written before the attack "no offense,but".
These rude people often seem to expect the victim of their attacks to just give up, to surrender, to say your right and I deserved the attack. Like the beaten spouse saying how sorry they are for making their spouse beat them. As if their being right should be considered a given, and they become extremely angry when anyone dares to disagree with anything they've said.

I find this repugnant and yes sad. Not just because this person is this way, but that someone in this person's life taught him to be that way. Likely taught him by example, passing this mentality down like a genetic desease from father to son or from mother to daughter.

It makes me think sometimes, what would this person be like if he had been saved from this deseased mentality. But this thought never lasts long, as the person is quick to write more nastiness, wiping out any thoughts of possible sympathy for his childhood.

Anyway I just wanted to say, don't let that type of person get under your skin. Because opinions are of no value if they are based on that type of twisted logic.

I dedicate this post to the staff. Because they have to deal with these people the most. Thank you!
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  1. STM's Avatar
    No offense, but I think you are full of crap!

    Just kidding
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  2. Bill16's Avatar
    It doesn't seem very funny to me, but maybe others who read your post will enjoy it.
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