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  1. Why Not A Blog Y4D20

    There is this concept of the universal appeal where one shows photos to people and across cultures from desert to frozen North, and
    the winner is Landscape with scattered trees, maybe a road leading away, perhaps wired into our DNA?

    I do find certain landscapes just trigger appeal, such as

    Macro flash-dsc01540-ice-lake_edited-2-straight-smaller.jpg ...
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  2. One of my favourite things to photograph ...

    is motorsport whether it be a rally or at the race track or slower stuff like footups, there's just something about the atmosphere and just being outside that I love.

    My friends are getting used to the idea that I'm there to photography the cars and don't feel the need to know more about each car and what's under the hood. As long as it ...
  3. Mountain Landscapes

    I have already posted an album with some of my mountain scapes mostly taken at sunrise or sunset.

    I'm not sure how many South Africans there are in Nionites and how many of them spend time in the Drakensberg.

    As a family we go there at least once a month to camp and just get out and about. I thought that blogging about the ...
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  4. Please critique my backyard sunrise.

    Quote Originally Posted by mac66 View Post
    I love this photo and realize how dark it is. I recently downlaoded NX-D for Raw images and want to play around. Here is an enahnced PP version from another program.
    New member-dsc_5427_3213-1.2.jpg
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  5. Windy Table

  6. Landscape View of Indian Mountain - Uttarakhand - By Atanu's Clickography

    I am going to Upload some of my Taken Snaps from one of our Family Trip to Uttarkhand, India. Here you can see some of the mountain's view from my Lens' Eyes. Hope you guys will LIKE these and appreciate my works with my newest Nikon D5100 (18-55 Lens Kit)


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    charging the camera-1076953_622055251181170_1309974620_o.jpg  

    charging the camera-1523850_622029927850369_904618959_o.jpg  

  7. 3 mile walk of fun

    I love to go walking and you know it is not exercise if you are sporting a camera. The day started out gorgeous and I almost missed it. I woke up late and rushed out of bed when I see the sun thinking I totally overslept, only to find it was 8:30 Am whew, there is still time. Time is all I gave today, ME time, much needed me time.
    I headed out ...
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  8. Where I Live

    I live in a village called Ardmore, on the south coast of Ireland. A quiet place, save for the usual influx of Summer residents and holidaymakers that all seaside towns in the country have every year. This view was taken during Summer 2013 and is a place called The Boat Cove, it's ten minutes walk from my house.

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  9. Some fun star gazing

    Went out to the west desert in Utah for a little sky action. The galaxy is an amazing thing it was so beautiful. I'm am so happy the weather cooperated with us.
    I bumped the focus on a couple of the shots but I think these are the best of them all. not at all bad for what the conditions were as far as equipment. (not using a heavy weight to ...
  10. Last minute Hike to Twin Lakes, Brighton Utah.

    The day started out perfect, cool and calm day for a hike in Utah's Wasatch range. All was beautiful until the scary clouds came. The hike up to Twin Lakes was absolutely gorgeous. I thought I was gonna pass out by the time we reached the top. I don't know what was more tiring the hike or the excitement over all the simple gorgeous wild flowers. Either ...
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