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We took the kids to a local apple orchard / pumpkin patch this past weekend.
As usual, I strapped on my Blackrapid and camera for the day. I uploaded some pics to the family SmugMug site last night and sent out the link.

My sister calls me this morning and directs me to one image in the album (below). That is her and her kids in the horse drawn cart in the background. never knew she was there that day nor did I notice it during post-processing.

Too funny. What strange or unusual things have you noticed in your images during post processing?

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  1. Scott Murray's Avatar
    Well basically how this works is that you say something and most of the time people dont see it . You dont get notifications like you would a normal post and that is a pain.
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  2. carguy's Avatar
    It appeared to work that way, hence my bold link to myself in the off-topic forum

    I did get an email notice about your reply however. Not sure how many people frequent the BLOG area, figured it was a good first post anyway.
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  3. Bill16's Avatar
    I don't think blogs are checked by members too often. I got a kick out of your photo and the story! I haven't had that happen to me yet, likely since I don't take photos of people much! Lol
    Cool shot my friend!
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  4. carguy's Avatar
    TY sir
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  5. carguy's Avatar
    The story continues. My sister went through her mobile phone pics and we are in the background of one clear as day. This isn't a small place either. I just find it pretty funny

    Carry on....
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  6. Philnz's Avatar
    It's like you always see the fly on the food after you have printed the photo.
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