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Post your wild life photos

  1. Advice can sometimes become clearer to you later! lol :)

    I was given some great advice by one of my friends I admire, and though I was sure it was great advice I couldn't make sense of it. I thought about it off and on for days, and still couldn't understand it really.
    I was told that moving the camera closer or further away instead of trying to just focus the insect in would help get a better macro
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  2. Good advice can be a big help!

    After posting my first shots, happy to show off my photos. People here gave me a lot of encouragement, understanding how proud you can be of your work! Because at one time or another they stood in the same position as I was in, just starting out and learning how to take a photo that isn't just point and shoot. In some cases their experiencing their
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  3. The start of my newest hobbie

    How do you know photography is for you? Did you know it before you got a camera? Or was it after you got your first look at photos you shot? I like gadgets and things like that, I loved to idea of seeing what your shot would look like without waiting for it to be developed! Before I got my D3100 I had the silly idea that even if I never did develope
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