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Those who have seen some of the posts about my grandson and his photography may know that he started wanting to take pictures about a year ago when he was three. Last Christmas I got him a Playskool camera which he took to like a fish in water. He has been using it all year as well as using his Mom's point n shoot and occasionally when we are out my P510.

Last week his Mom took him with her to a baby shoot. He is very good with babies and is actually good at getting them to respond and smile at him. Well he took his camera with him and I have posted some of his results here. OK they were taken with a toy but that said.....

Attachment 106062

Attachment 106063

Attachment 106064

My point? Other than a blatant moment of bragging about him, don't assume that a three year old can't understand the concept of photography. Start them early, it's a lot of fun and great for early development.

OH YA I can't wait to see his first wedding shoot.
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  1. Vincent's Avatar
    I get invalid attachments.

    Just to remark, the picture should express your relationship with the subject, since he has a good relationship, it is an important part of the picture!
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