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  1. Vermontster's Avatar
    Great tribute.
  2. pforsell's Avatar
    That is a good question and I have to think about it. It is an emotion thing I guess, perhaps I just wasn't ready for it yet, for whatever reasons there might be deep in my heart. I can't analyze myself. Perhaps I'll do a fourth shot in the winter with snow on the ground, a candle in a lantern illuminating the stone and the engravings, late in the evening or early in the morning. I think December 15th would be perfect.

    Thanks for making me think, it reveals things about me, to me.
  3. Rick M's Avatar
    OK, I thought it might have been intentional and may have been done for various reasons. I like the effect, high contrast and grainy feel for the setting and purpose (my apologies, I realize you did not post this for a critique). The middle shot is by nature an emotional and powerful capture. Knowing this does now beg the question- If it is a tribute, why not show his name?
  4. pforsell's Avatar
    Thanks for commenting cnyram.

    "Hiding" his name was deliberate. I tried to just leave the dates visible, sought a while for an angle that would let the sky between the trees reflect on the stone. I finally had to lay flat on my belly to shoot it... I hope nobody saw me while in the act.
  5. Rick M's Avatar
    Sorry for your and the Family's loss. Unfortunately the reflection in "final" shot covers his name.
  6. Mis Adam's Avatar
    Oh my she has the most precious happy smile, this is why I love photography!
  7. happlegate11's Avatar
    These are wonderful! The first one your little girl looks like a doll! She is so precious!!
  8. pforsell's Avatar
    Thanks for comments. After your reply I removed the fourth image and now I am considering a re-edit of the remaining three ones... perhaps less saturation. We'll see.
  9. Carolina Photo Guy's Avatar
    I have always like a good lens flare. In this case, it has an angelic quality.

    Good shootin' Tex!!