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    Thanks Marcel
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    Great story Marcel. I would love to experience being there as well. Lots of photography experience instead of capturing them in a zoo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteLight
    Very touching.
    A lot of birds/animals have been seen to show this kind of attachment.. Unbelievable but true
    I was going to say the same thing.
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    Animals are absolutely amazing to watch for all sorts of reasons. My wife moderates the chat on a barn owl box webcam site and they've had incidents where the mother has had to terminate a chick (owlet) after it was either injured in a food melee or when it was too ill to make it. It's difficult to miss the sadness and compassion with which the mother deals with the issue.
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    Thanks for posting the story, Marcel. Well worth noting.
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    Thanks for sharing,
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    Add loyalty and dedication to the list of emotions some would chalk up to instinctive behavior, but I disagree.
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    I never posted this one for the same reason. This Male would not be chased away. He just sat there.


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    There is nothing stronger than a mothers love.

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    Penguins are this way, too. They form attachments to a single mate and often live out their entire lives together.

    Kudos for documenting this and having the stones to share it. Photography doesn't always have to be pretty. It's important to have a record of things how they really are, without all the sugar on top. I remember having a hard time @ accident scenes when I worked for the newspaper at first, too. It's just something you have to get over. That camera is in your hands for a reason.

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    Very sad indeed
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    It is not disturbing - just sad.

    I firmly believe animals have the capacity for many of the same emotions that we as humans experience. Being around animals all my life, I've observed their capacity for memory, sadness, anger, jealousy and revenge (chickens are some of the worst - pecking order sound familiar). Elephants apparently experience emotion when they come cross the bones of another elephant.

    Thanks for sharing the photo.
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    Very touching.
    A lot of birds/animals have been seen to show this kind of attachment.. Unbelievable but true
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    Thanks for the tutorial marcel. I might have to try this next time.
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    I forgot to mention that if you find the correction too much to your taste, you just lower the opacity of the "level" layer.