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  1. The First Strides Toward Olympic Glory

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    Each winter, I provide photo coverage for the Manitoba Speed Skating Association. Their oval is an outdoor facility, usable only a few months a year. Yet, this humble oval has an enviable record for setting young long track skaters on the road to Olympic glory. More than a dozen skaters have taken first strides on this track and ended up standing on
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  2. Sigma 150-600 Goes Ice Climbing

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    This past Saturday, my Sigma 150-600mm and I joined members of the Club d’escalade de Saint-Boniface to record their day of ice climbing.

    Blurred pictures-16065095667_8599f3e764_b.jpg

    Blurred pictures-16063190108_d8c079da6f_b.jpg

    Blurred pictures-16249413182_b080961dbd_b.jpg

    Blurred pictures-16249358071_282b775d13_b.jpg

    There were much
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