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    We have a large secure parking garage at the hospital. I am very tempted to load my stuff into the back of the jeep and head to Lake Apopka when I get off work (between 2:30 and 3:00) depending on the work load. The problem is that getting up at 4:45 come 3:00 I am bushed.
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    Its a shame you missed the walrus and the natives , that sounds like interesting subject material to me .. if you can swing it, even if Barrow looks like Detroit ., it has meaning and 'story' at least.
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    Feel the same way. I often bring my camera to work with me to see if I end up getting an itch, however I just lose motivation. I need to find a new muse.
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    I'm in the same boat, with a difference.
    My weekly schedule is terrible. Up at 4:30am. Home around 6pm. Not much time to roam around looking for shots let alone post processing.
    I take a bare minimum of gear wherever I go. A couple lenses and a flash.
    I don't get a lot of keepers but if a decent image presents itself I'm ready for it.
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    You need to do this!!!

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    Wow, it sounds like a great place to visit. When I moved to Colorado Springs 14 years ago (yikes, was it that long ago?) the thing that killed me wasn't the altitude, but the dry conditions. Going there from Florida, you might easily get dehydrated and not realize it, which can be incapacitating.

    Keep the water intake steady and high, and hopefully you'll be good-to-go for your entire trip. I envy you, both for the location and the 600!

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    MAJOR LEAGUE BUMMER I found out today (heavy sigh). Elk, like Moose in many states, are a "by lottery only" large game animal when it comes to hunting permits. I found out that the deadline was Feb 15 of this year to submit your name for the Elk Lottery. Of course Whitetail and Mulies (Mule deer) are still open but even if I have a trophy Bull in my crosshairs I can't drop the hammer on him. Bummer. But of course it does not mean I can't shoot him with the 600mm f/4 which I plan to do at every opportunity

    The skies here are so clear at night and there is essentially no "light pollution" that it is breathtaking. I anticipate taking many time lapse star trails photos in my future, oriented around the North Star. The milky way is plainly visible each night as are even very faintest stars. I may have to adjust my exposure to only record the brightest stars or the skies will be nearly whited out with all of the ones I can see.
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    Sounds like a great spot! Enjoy and post some pics for us jealous folks!
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    Glad to hear you made it back home.
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    There's no place like home, have a safe trip! Gloomy weather is a huge downer, We get about 3-4 Months of it here in Syracuse NY, by which time I'm at my breaking point!
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    I'm jealous. What an experience. It's neat to to know all the different careers people here have outside of this site. It's fun to travel but after a while, can't wait to get home.
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    Travel safely! Look for a strong episode of northern lights tonight!

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    That expierence is yours forever an dI wish you a safe return
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    Sounds like you had quite an adventure. Well, I grew up in weather like that so sounds like a place I would enjoy actually. Have a safe trip back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiskeyman
    Don't be a stranger around here, now. We want to hear about your trip and see some photos. You should see a shortening of the daylight hours these days.

    There has not been much opportunity to shoot here. Barrow is not the most picturesque of towns. In fact, at least on the outside, the houses look like they would fit right in in downtown Detroit. With the coming of the cold(er) weather will come the critters; caribou and polar bear. I am hoping to be able to get close enough to get some photos. All I have for "big guns" is my 300mm f/2.8 and TC-300, which should be able to get me close enough. When it starts getting dark (only a few hours of twilight now), I am hoping to may be get some Aurora Borealis stuff.

    This is my lab, however, small but well equipped! I am in the process of validating the microbiology analyzer, a process that will run for 20 consecutive days. I am starting my 5th week here and have yet to have a single day off, but there honestly is not a lot much else to do in Barrow but work and go to Church. Our little Catholic Church does have the distinction of being the northernmost Catholic Church IN THE WORLD though!

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    Don't be a stranger around here, now. We want to hear about your trip and see some photos. You should see a shortening of the daylight hours these days.

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    Good to hear you made it safe to Alaska. I hope you have some free time to take lots of great shots.
    Just remember that since the polar ice is still broken up, means that the polar bears can't feed on seals. Means that if you see one coming, it's a good bet that he's hungry!
    So, RUN!!!
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    It is going to be a lot of work but I like a challenge. The Lab Manager has pretty much given me free reign to do what I need so that is a big help. I would not say that money is no object but so far she has been totally receptive to all of my recommendations so I will pretty much be able to set up the lab like I need it to be.
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    Glad to hear that you've arrived in Barrow safely. Now stay that way and take photos when you can. The job sounds like a real challenge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by STM
    That is the thing about that lens, it has held its value very well. I paid just around 4 grand for it 5 years ago. All of the older Nikkor "fast glass" were the best on the planet when they were introduced and they still hold their own quite well against any of the newer lenses. I can actually resolve the hairs on a gnat's butt at 200 meters with mine!

    Something that a number of people new to Nikon (post AIS and started in digital) don't know is that a lot of the "newer" lenses Nikon offers are simply repackaged AF versions of optical formulas that Nikon did years ago. When you have something that good, don't mess with it!

    That's inline with what I'm seeing for most top-of-the-line lenses from Nikon in fact, a few are selling now for appreciably more than the cost when new. The most important factor seems to be condition, with those in poorer condition not selling like those in better shape.
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