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    I did drag my self out, after going broke repairng my truck... yuck vehicles, new cars drain you on car payments, and old cars drain you on repairs. so,, I tested the repairs by driving an hour to some frozen water falls,

    It was late in the day, the light was really flat, maybe too flat to bring out the details of the frozen falls, I might have to go back.

    I did post a shot of some ICE taken with the D800 and a 105 DC lens:

    the photography took away my irratation that I had just spent more money repairing the old heap
    than a 14-24 2.8 lens..
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    brrrrrr,, cold,, and no snow,, which gives the opportunity of photographying frozen streams and water falls,, I will have to see if I can carve off some time today.

    Darn,, my truck is costing me 1900 dollars in repairs today! there goes any new lens for a long long time.. Think once I pick up the truck, I'll go do a test ride with the truck, and take some frozen falls pictures to chear me up.
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    I swear the profile of my printer is getting off, I have to tweak the picture more and more to get the same printed results as my screens.

    So,, lately, I have been creating copies of the final picture just set up for the printer, can't use for the monitor, but when printed looks good. And it is not a monitor calibratation, the tweaks is too extremes. I have reprinted pictures and those I have to tweak those too, so seems to be in the printer calibration.

    I am going to get my backup printer up and running and take a look.
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    darn weekend went so fast. I ended up with a few shots for the weekend, which for how lazy it was, is ok with me. Sometimes, slow winter weekends is just what is needed.
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    Weekend! kinda hazy day,, and well lazy day too..... but.. will trump around the woods for a few hours to make up for the Mexican Feast last night,, camera of course, but don't expect too much in the photo category.
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    I have been getting used to the D5100, and since it has the same sensor as the 7000, produces really nice images. I have decided on keeping the 18x200 that came with the bundle on the camera to make it the one camera/one lens system. This is going to be my car/backpack camera so that all those times when I don't have my main kit, this will be there to capture all those pictures I missed by not having the camera.

    I had purchased a P7000 to fill that role, and while OK, just does not match an SLR. The 5100 is light enough, small enough to be avialable, and you don't have to worry about image quality. The camera can genereate portfolio quality pictures with ease.
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    so glad to have the selling done, I know I got a couple new items, but always a bit sad when packaging up a lens or camera to send off...

    All the lens I sold, I never use anymore, and actually never used much ever. Even the popular 70-210 F4,, nothing wrong with it, just never grabbed it. but boy was it popular. I guess KR had talked it up once so,, it has gained the forklore status.

    but, now it has me thinking of selling off the 5100 and 18-200,, and reaching toward a 14-24,, such a sweet lens.
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    well,, done with the ebay sales! sold off 5 old lens, to justify keeping the 5100 and the 18x200 lens. helps with the decision making, when it is fairly cash neutral.

    that is one nice feature of Nikkor gear,, they hold their value (mostly .
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    selling three more lens on ebay,, interesting how popular the Nikkor 70-210 F4 is,, I think that is due to that KR reveiws.. but,, it does seem to have some reputation, so huge number of watches,, I expect this lens to break a 100 dollars, which,, is still a bargain. I have seen buy it now at 350 dollars which seems high to me for an old lens.

    anyway,, after today's ebay,, I'll have raised enough money to cover most of the bestbuy purchase of the 5100 and 18-200 lens, so.. looks like I'll be able to keep my old 50-300 which is a really cool lens.
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    had a chance to try a 14-24 2.8,, ok,, I am sold! really nice balance on my 800, and did not feel nearly as large as I thought it was..

    umm.. sell the 18-200 VR lens, sell the 5100,, maybe another lens..
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    we hard a blast, had a solid class, everybody was experienced or a professional shooter. Held a 30 minute lecture, and then 4 hours of freezing temps,, but finnally had
    to call them in by 10.. so,, it was a success,,
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    Out for a cold night shooting,, So,, bringing a spare battery,, since the cold can sap a battery way faster. I am expecting the temperature to be around 0 degrees,. Crossing my fingers for some break in the clouds. It is a full moon, so should be able to get some really bright shots.
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    Looking forward to a photo class I am teaching tomorrow, Night photography,,, but not city,, but out on a rural setting, Have a full class of 18,, which great.

    More energy when you have that number, but I don't expect to get much shooting myself in that case.

    I am worried about the cold, since the temp will be zero or below. Lots of Hot choc.
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    as part of photography,, software is now a critical component, like the darkrooms of the yore, CS as taken over.

    I confess of not remembering HOT KEYS,, programmers love them.. cntl alt.. m etc ... that magically skips the clicking a menu option.. I keep thinking of needing to learn these, even have some nice hotsheets listing a huge numbers of hot keys,,

    but,,, I just get blur vision looking at the card, blah.. and end up still using the icon methods.

    Yes,, productivity might be faster,, ummm,, maybe I should dig out that hot key cheat sheet out..
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    Midweek,, and it is freezing,,, Hope it warm up a bit by Saturday,, I am teaching an Outdoor Night Photography class (full moon), It is not a star shooting exercise (that is another speciality and not mine), but outside objects at night, and the full moon helps with the lighting.

    With Modern sensors, it can be fun,, with enough exposure, you can turn nighttime to daytime on full moon nights.
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    Well,, going to list 4 more lens on ebay tonight,, this will clear out almost all of my non used lens,, excect for a few sentimental lens that I started out with..

    laughs,,, my first Nikkor lens.... why the 43-86 zoom, and I loved it! actually, my copy was the last redesign that fixed the flaws, but by then,, people had labeled the worst zoom ever!

    My second zoom was the Series E - 70-210,, actually a very fine lens, but the zoom was very loose, but then again so was my 80-200 F4 - consider one of the sharpest zoom, but the 70-210 was no slouch either.

    so,, these first three lens I keep for sentimental, well and my first FM,, and father's Nikkormat (a tank of an SLR).

    No every lens in my collection, I used over time (laughs except for that 24 mm Sigma,, but a cool lens with a built in rotating filter).
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    well,, I have decided that 4 DSLRs for me are too much,,, and seriously thinking of selling the 5200.

    I purchased the package to gain the 18x200 lens, and thought that my wife would want to upgrade from the d80 to D5200, but the controls of the d80 is more like the 7000, and she is used to the layout,, and loves the vibrancy of the D80 shots (last DX CCD sensor).

    I think,, that if I ever upgrade my 7000,, then I'll give her mine.

    So,, no rushing selling it,, I mull a bit more on it. 5200 is a nice small package, which has appeal.
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    Had a day using the new 18x200 VR lens on the D7000, at first I was a litle worried, even on the camera, the lens is not as sharp as I am typically used to, but,, once at home, and processing, the lens passed the muster. I think you have to trade the convenience for a slight loss of sharpness, but enough pixels now to allow sharpening, and still keep enough pixels for printing.
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    For follks ramping up their photo experience... I'll stay away from the word hobby.... while you are making plans for this lens or that,,

    don't forget almost the other half of the hobby... printing.. I really recommend a decent photo printer, with separate ink for colors and matte black and normal black.

    Buy what you can afford as always, but the printers that support 13x19 are not that expensive, and sometimes they go on sell. I purchased a 1900 for only 240 dollars on sell.

    I have been running the r1800/R1900 series. 100 year ink, and the results are great. You can go higher in printers, but,, my volume is not that high.

    Pictures are more than screen savers, prints on the wall behind glass take a whole new meaning and value to you as the photograper.

    And... they make nice gifts! When a relative or very close friend visits for a spell,, well,, notnhing like sending them off with a print. Especially if you
    let them make the choice,, and print a fresh copy off the presses.
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    ahhh Friday,, A week until I teach a night Photography class. 18 people already signed up, so a nice crowd.

    Most of the people are experienced with about 20% being professional photographers. Funny, how some photograpers fear the night, while other embrace it. I enjoy night photography, not my favorite, but some very nice images are in my portfolio,, a few favorites.

    I split the time as 1 hour lecture.. 2 hour shooting, snack/discussion/more shooting,, and then 2-3 weeks
    get back together again to see results.

    I try to run 4 sessions a year, per season for fun..
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