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  1. stmv's Avatar
    The Brad is STC and it has proven to work very well. 2 months, over 5000 shots.
  2. Mark F's Avatar
    I'm also interested in what brand you are choosing.
    I tried a KASE UV that I bought at B&H. The only negative is that this thing is a dust magnet. You also have to look to see if the suction cup you use to set it in place didn't live a circle, although, you can wipe it off with a lens wipe tissue. It does protect your sensor though, so its totally worth it. I have seen a brand that has a pick that you use to insert the filter without having to touch the glass. If I find a better brand, I may get a set of ND's and the UV.
  3. Rick M's Avatar
    What brand did you get? This is very interesting!
  4. skittlesproductions's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing
  5. Call_me_Tom's Avatar
    I saw one in the flesh last week, I didn't handle it so I can only go off what I observed.

    I thought the camera was very small, almost too small. The guy who owned it told me that the grip makes up for it but he stated that he's selling most of his Gold lenses because they don't balance well with the FTZ.

    I also noticed that the edges were not smooth and rounded but angular and sharp. That's more of a personal taste I suspect and I don't have an opinion, it was just something I noticed.
  6. Call_me_Tom's Avatar
    Your crickets comment gave me a chuckle.
  7. stmv's Avatar
    Thanks rarely in the 6 years does anyone comment,
  8. Larry E30's Avatar
    I like this shot - well done.
  9. stmv's Avatar
    well, Sony A7 sold along with 2 of the lens, one to go, looks like my D800 is sold next week. still have a bunch of stuff to sell, so,, should have a big chunk of the cost covered before the
    camera even shows up. The beauty of gear. they sell pretty fast. Biggest negative on the Z7 is the single card slot, but, I have never had a card failure, so, not super worry about it.
    I understand if you do weddings, I shot once recently with my DF. yes one card, so I had a full backup camera.
  10. Samo's Avatar
    I too like to set my wb at the very least using one of the modes. If it is a one off quick shot I am typically in auto wb. I shoot RAW so it is not a big deal but I do strive to control the camera as much as possible to save time editing.

    Yes I have a Df one of the first 300 to hit USA shores. The price on used bodies is getting so good I am seriously thinking about buying another one maybe even two.
  11. stmv's Avatar
    I often set my WB, but do sometimes use the AUTO mode, I'll check out the Auto2, thanks for the update, do you have the DF?
  12. Samo's Avatar
    Are you shooting Auto WB? If so try out the Auto2 setting.
  13. stmv's Avatar
    The DF is partially a product of trying to keep the tooling and investments down on what is essentially a one off product. The biggest factor picking an off the self shutter mechanism that would fit into their form factor. The cost of redesigning a unique shutter and of course the risk! since this has been the problem child of Nikon lately what
    with oil splashing, So, the 610 shutter was the pick to help reduce the size of the DF, but this also caused some issues since the exposure board that went with it was
    the 39 point, and also, some function was lost like loosing aperature control in LV so one can no longer view the exposure real time like one can in the D800 or even
    D4 (a feature I love). On the otherhand, I am glad that they picked a shutter mechanism that they worked out the bugs! I think when you factor in that this camera
    is intended to appeal to the manual shooter, it does that very well. and yes, at 1600 dollars,, for a rebuilt, kinda the best deal out there currently.

    I would love if they could had afford to bring out a truly unique product line, but those days are gone, as Nikon has to consolidate product lines. So,, glad that
    this quirky camera saw the light of day. In the end, I think the engineers did the right set of compromises to bring an high end camera out.
  14. Samo's Avatar
    I think you will discover, as many folks have, that all the criticism of the Df was not fair at all. The only thing true about all the naysaying was the high price point. Nowadays at half the original cost the Df IS the Nikon to own. Watch how people react to the camera.
  15. stmv's Avatar
    oh no, this photo was taken with a 35mm prime, a 200-400 would be too heavy to run with, I literally run with a camera in my hand. So, I typically run with small primes, and
    extra primes in a small backpack as needed.
  16. Rotor's Avatar
    Did you take this photo with 200-400mm? I'm surprised because this kind of long lens does not have long DOF and your photo is sharp from front to back. Very nice scene, frame and hang in your living room.
    Thanks for sharing,

  17. Rotor's Avatar
    Thanks for the warning. I've the same thought and agree with you totally.
  18. stmv's Avatar
    update, this lens lives on my D200 keep in car camera, it is just the right partner for the D200 flex camera.
  19. stmv's Avatar
    oh,, an that picture was shot with my trusty D200,, that I always keep in my car, it is the perfect, leave in the car in case you see a picture you want to take. You can pick
    them up now for sooo little, and still such an awesome beast, and the CCD sensor, still renders color so vibrantly. I gave my D80 away years ago, and immediately went out
    and bought a D200, just because I love the CCD sensor so much. but they take more power, and maybe do not scale as much, so now we have the CMOS sensors Initially
    the first CMOS sensors were not as vibrant, but over time, the engineers and software guys figured out how to bring back the vibrancy.
  20. Lee-Ann's Avatar
    stunning! looking forward to lots more
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