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    hi my name is arihant jain for catalog and product photography contact us @ Color Splash: Top Web & Graphic Design Company in Delhi
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    Justin reply to the dropped D90 and the possibility of an angry wife, I recently dropped my D700, well it vibrated off a table in a local theatre where I was taking pics of the bands playing. I missed the grab as the camera and f2.8 80-200mm lens dropped of the table onto the floor (so I thought) I grabbed up the camera, the lens looked ok, no obvious damage to the camera either, pressed the button and bang bang two shots taken all was good. Then I looked up, my wife was as white as a sheet and looked ready to throw up. After making sure she was OK and the colour began to return to her cheeks I discovered that the very end of the lens hadn't in fact landed on the floor but just behind the rubberised toe cap of her converse trainer right on top of the knuckle for her big toe. Once we discovered that nothing was broken I did apologise and then thanked her for her worthy sacrifice LOL
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    wooow. thanks very good
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    Very cool, thanks for sharing.
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    Please can you tell me how you did it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Montana Michael
    hi all, i would love to be able to use the blog feature on this site but when i click on the "register here" link i get a "page not found".

    - - never mind. figured it out - -
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    Do not buy Nikkor 55-300 which is a slow one 70-300 is much better ..If u are on a tight budget, simply go for Nikkor 55-200 least weight
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    Awesome photos
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    That's some real nice photo's you have there ......
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    Yes I have a photograph from that ceiling at the Bellagio in my photo album. Amazing work and your photos do justice to it. It reminds me of the Glass Flowers at Harvard University, although that's an entirely different league of glass-making as it is microscopic and this is macroscopic. Beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing.
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    Good point Pete. I read a good article on him: Chihuly victimized by his own success? - It is a little old, but it describes him as constantly working, and a depressed bi-polar personality. It seems like he is a lot like his work - crazy and easily broken.
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    Oooooooo pwetty. O.o
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    NO NO NO! It just seems to me that Dale thinks so damn far outside the box that he is trying to compensate for not liking this reality very much.

    If you think about it, his fantasy world is so easily broken that perhaps he just wants to break THIS world and replace it with his creations.


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    Pete, are you referring to the legal issues?
  14. Carolina Photo Guy's Avatar
    Dale has serious issues that will need to be addressed at some point in the future! But I absolutely LOVE his glass!

    I saw his exhibit at the Corning Museum of Glass in NY and his pieces in a museum in Ohio!

    Thanks for showing more of his work. This person is a genius with blown glass!

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    I recently bought Nikon D3200 with 18-105 lens. I want to purchase 55-300 lens to cover more range. I have come across three lenses which are
    1. Nikkor AF-S 55-300mm VR f/4-5.6 DX-Nikon DX
    2. Tamron SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 VC Di USD Telephoto Lens
    3. Nikkor AF-S 70-300mm VR f/4-5.6-Nikon FX &&&& DX

    I am not sure which one to buy. Can somebody help in understanding the products. Between option 1 and 3, both looks similar to me except one is 55-300 and other is 70-300 mm. But 70-300mm is costlier than 55-300, I am not sure why. Please help in deciding me the lens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mfrankfort
    Get a Belkin Wireless Extender. They work wonders. I couldn't get a signal in my basement, and with the extender, full bars. You can plug up to 4 things into it to make them wireless. Tv's... blu rays.. DVD players.. PS3's...
    The linksys/cisco one I purchased only has one port, but that's all I needed. They also make ones with more ports if needed.
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    haha. Guess I should have read more than just the first paragraph... lol.
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    Get a Belkin Wireless Extender. They work wonders. I couldn't get a signal in my basement, and with the extender, full bars. You can plug up to 4 things into it to make them wireless. Tv's... blu rays.. DVD players.. PS3's...
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    Yeah I was there in Oct for the half marathon and was shocked how dramatically different it was around the stacks. When I took those pics, they were just getting started cleaning things up.

    I would love to get into the interior - based on past photos I've seen it looks incredible.
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    Nice shots. The casino should have been done by the time these were taken. I'm guessing the Artsquest facility was nearing completion, as was the PBS39 studios. They've since done some great work restoring and repurposing some of the buildings on the west side of the stacks (information and history center). I know they do occasional tours of the interiors and I'm working with the Artsquest folks to try and get access to the inside for a day of shooting.
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