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    Re: Post your Hood Ornaments/Logos

    Quote Originally Posted by crashton View Post
    That is what my friend calls his Mini. He made up his own badge for it.

    I expected it to be pink!

    › See More: Post your Hood Ornaments/Logos
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    Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio, '80s vintage

    Post your Hood Ornaments/Logos-z50_0018_l_sm.jpg

    Post your Hood Ornaments/Logos-z50_0029_l_sm.jpg

    Post your Hood Ornaments/Logos-z50_0032_l_sm.jpg

    Post your Hood Ornaments/Logos-z50_0033_l_sm.jpg
    D750, D7500, Z50, FZ1000 II

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    Lamborghini Huracan

    Post your Hood Ornaments/Logos-z50_0038_l_sm.jpg

    Post your Hood Ornaments/Logos-z50_0046_l_sm.jpg
    D750, D7500, Z50, FZ1000 II

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