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  1. close shots....
  2. Focusing somewhere and then moving camera
  3. Focus to Infinity
  4. DSLR Newbie D3100 (Red) Owner
  5. D3100 vs. D3200
  6. First timer. Is the D3100 good for first timer???
  7. 70-300mm AF on D3100?
  8. Up video time & use non Nikon battery on the D3100
  9. Lighting advice for a beginner.
  10. how they got this shot? lighting help
  11. Nikon lenses for portrait
  12. NEF files
  13. Error "Press Shutter Release Button Again
  14. Spare Battery
  15. Which is the best on D3100 ?? 35mm or 50mm ??
  16. wired wireless shutter release not working Yongnuo N3 2.4ghz
  17. Help me pick a zoom lens
  18. Wedding band Photography , * Need opinion *
  19. ViewNX 2 program *Focal Point and setting PLEASE ADVICE
  20. playback menu
  21. Picture view help
  22. Kit lens problem
  23. D3100 battery question
  24. Tele convertor Big question
  25. Histograms
  26. Image quality
  27. Active D-Lighting
  28. Focus Mode / AF-Area Mode
  29. Advice on Lenses needed
  30. Question about filters
  31. Opinions wanted on my new lens! :D
  32. You can't do anything with some Models but grab them by the tail
  33. In the Box...
  34. Water vs the D3100
  35. Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR or Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC HSM OS
  36. Shutter Click count
  37. Oppilas Remote Control
  38. Lens Manufactures
  39. Focus from Viewfinder is blurred
  40. Insect photos with the D3100
  41. Problem with Flash Latch D3100
  42. Is it possible to do a double exposure on the D3100 (without using a PC)?
  43. 1st attempt at motion timelapse - featuring some prominent landmarks in Singapore
  44. d60 - d3100
  45. Nikon D3100 and kit lens distortion question
  46. automatically put aperture,iso,shutter speed in the pic file
  47. Just have not felt like going outside
  48. Nikon D3100 & Lightroom 4 Lens Correction problem
  49. Finally I made it outside to take pictures
  50. Battery Grip for D3100
  51. Help needed with AF Area Modes
  52. Please help/ Lens Question
  53. Shooting RAW and image noise
  54. I've made a D3100 18-55 VR kit Lens Profile for Lightroom. Testers welcome
  55. Which teleconverter?
  56. D3100 capabilities
  57. Type of lens
  58. raw/nef files and windows photo gallery
  59. wireless remote works great d3100
  60. Two Fawns
  61. Problem with artefact/smudge on view finder
  62. How to put a water mark on my D3100 Pics
  63. Flash choice
  64. Great tip for photography on annual Holidays
  65. Taking silhouette photos w/my 3100
  66. D3100 focus motor
  67. Photographing in caves
  68. lens hood??
  69. IR Photography with a D3100
  70. Taking photos of the stars
  71. NX2 transfer to windows
  72. Interesting delema with my kit lens
  73. Date Imprint
  74. Focus from Auto to Manual
  75. Thoughts on Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 Macro DG Lens ?
  76. USB cable not included
  77. Beginner needs lens advice...
  78. Hoping for a little help...
  79. Your Best D3100 Photos
  80. D3100 Screen Problem ( Video Mode ) | waves on screen
  81. Question about lenses
  82. Wedding!?
  83. D3100 or move to D3200/D5100
  84. Nikon D3100 First time using/Need help with settings
  85. How to fix black screen
  86. How do I turn on Date Imprint
  87. D3100 | Bulb mode | long exposure photography.
  88. very green hobbiest setup tips?
  89. Please help me understand the built in flash on the Nikon D3100
  90. Extension Tubes
  91. Bye bye D3100
  92. Telephoto lens
  93. Dirt in viewfinder
  94. D3100 Remote Shutter Release problems
  95. D3100 photo issue
  96. Anyone not happy with their D3100?
  97. My Camera Has Gone Dotty!
  98. Should i upgrade d3100 to d3200?
  99. manual focus problem
  100. Macro Add-ons
  101. Stupid question Focus Ring on NIKOR lense
  102. Next logical lens for beginner
  103. Faulty images from 3100 in raw
  104. Lens filters
  105. Product Photography
  106. Dead D3100?
  107. HELP: D3100-->D7000 or Nikon 85mm f/1.8G AF-S and/or Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S Lens?
  108. Focus issues...
  109. merry Christmas to everyone....feel free to post your favorite photos of the holday
  110. A family that takes pictures together....
  111. Tamron Zoom Lens AF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 & Nikon d3100 camera
  113. Zoom lens
  114. Night time photography
  115. Double flash?
  116. VR should be ON and OFF at what all situations?
  117. What all filters or lens I needed with my D3100
  118. AUto Exposure Bracketing for HDR
  119. Photography hosting web sites etc
  120. Macro Lens : Sigma 105mm/150mm, Tamron 90mm
  121. Turn Off Auto-Off Completely
  122. 50 Mil prime lens suggestions
  123. Hey, just looking for advise :)! new to all this
  124. D3100 camera repair?
  125. Minolta lenses?
  126. beauty in everyday things
  127. short video - shot entirely using d3100 with kit lens
  128. What is this smudge showing up in my photos?
  129. Shutter release without AF confirm?
  130. Back Button Focus
  131. AE/AF rear button
  132. D3100 manual ISO/Shutter control in live view
  133. Lenses for D3100
  134. Filters, cheap or worth the $30 ones?
  135. Hunting at the Home Depot
  136. New to the Forum and DSLR
  137. Some of my D3100 photos
  138. MN snow pics
  139. Long Lense
  140. auto focus does not work
  141. Reverse Mounting Your Prime Lenses for Affordable Macro Photography
  142. Self Timer Question Please Reply
  143. How to focus manually using a non af-s lens
  144. LCD screen not working intermttiently
  145. 18-55 lens question
  146. Self timer Update
  147. Confused - subject too dark when shooting the moon?
  148. Advice on lens after kit please
  149. Can this camera be used to record Xbox gameplay?
  150. Picture Lock icon
  151. Self take picture question
  152. Video mode (shutter release error)
  153. camera wont take shot when shutter pressed
  154. Gear for Trip/Renting Lenses?
  155. transfering files from camera to computer
  156. Critique me!!
  157. Cant access Focus Modes - please help
  158. Clear video?
  159. Pentax Lens on Nikon D3100
  160. SD Card
  161. Firmware Update
  162. nikon d3100 viewfinder information display dim
  163. The Included Software
  164. Aspect Ratio
  165. Seagull 2.3 viewfinder magnifier for nikon d3100
  166. First Lesson Learned!
  167. Question about shooting in Manual mode.
  168. Stupid Question About Focusing
  169. Sunpak RD2000 Digital TTL Low-Profile Shoe Mount Flash
  170. D3100 for 7 year old?
  171. D3100 shutter getting stuck :(
  172. Grey card question
  173. Lens Help
  174. slow shutter speed at lake
  175. battery grip pack
  176. AF Area Mode
  177. My d3100 is hard to see in bright sunlight
  178. Nikon D3100 button Fading
  179. Best Sub $200 Prime Lens?
  180. off camera flash ???
  181. Evening has come.
  182. question on focus lock
  183. moon shots settings?
  184. Some shots from around my town.
  185. Extra Battery
  186. Horizontal Banding
  187. Blurry Viewfinder
  188. Problems developing Raw files
  189. UV Filters
  190. D3100 and Sigma lens
  191. newbies to D3100
  192. My weekend at the park
  193. Aperture Priority/ Focus Modes
  194. Super Cheapo Speedlight
  195. Nikon D3100 has arrived!
  196. My first night shoot
  197. Single point focus issue
  198. D3100 lens compatability
  199. nifty fifty
  200. more light needed
  201. D3100 cardslot door loose
  202. playing with gimp
  203. old images from camera
  204. rain
  205. just purcased a 50mm 1.8g af-s lens
  206. Focus point
  207. Why am I always underexposing with my D3100
  208. Good lens for D3100?
  209. Raw images strange border
  210. correct Sports settings HELP......
  211. Picture Control
  212. Aokatec GPS
  213. D3100 Display Screen
  214. Recommend a budget travel lens for me?
  215. D3100 Wedding shoot suggestion
  216. Marks on all shots!!
  217. Dark spots...
  218. Help nikon d3100 for video
  219. How to set manual exposure in M
  220. Ever feel ashamed about your D3100?
  221. dealing with humidity
  222. Looking for some help with Noise/hot pixels
  223. Settings
  224. Speedlites
  225. D3100 Body - Suitable for High-End Lenses?
  226. M42 to Nikon adaptor
  227. D3100 ISO numbers and F settings
  228. Re: Your Best D3100 Photos
  229. Exposure compensation button set to -1 -- how do I change it?
  230. Looking advice on a 150/170-500mm lens for D3100
  231. Suggestions on lens for d3000?
  232. Critique and Feedback for a Newbie
  233. Issues With D3100 Focusing
  234. Editing RAW Images
  235. Compensation + or -
  236. Hdr
  237. How do I disable date/time stamp on D3100
  238. camera display not showing pictures
  239. D 3100 partial pictures
  240. Will AF work with Nikon d3100?? some say yes others say no !!
  241. Suggestions on wide angle lense for the D3000?
  242. help
  243. Advice on Iceland and the Northern Lights
  244. Shutter or maybe sensor problems?
  245. Brightlights and unnatural colours: A newbie problem.
  246. New Zealand
  247. D3100 & Lightroom 4 user? Be warned about upgrading to Lightroom 5+
  248. Nikon D3100 Eye-fi card compatibility
  249. Pulling the trigger
  250. Clarity clarity how do I find it