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  24. Mine accepts only Nikon OEM EN-EL15 batteries. (and, a gratuitous jumping spider pic)
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  39. Facebook
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  53. Two weeks in
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  65. NEF on primary, JPEG on secondary.
  66. Tokina 12-24 f/4 or 11-16 f/2.8
  67. Flash control
  68. Any experience with online retailers GadgetCircuit and Tri-State?
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  78. Pointer to more detailed information than the manual has?
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  81. one question for memory banks
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  121. lcd screen protector
  122. Focus point in
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  125. Shooting a marathon
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  132. Sony is now the only manufacturer of XQD memory cards
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  144. battery info button assignment
  145. Nikon D500 shutter fail @ 298,280
  146. Metering and focus points
  147. Card door
  148. Sanford Florida Lake Monroe boat damage after hurricane Irma.
  149. Any rumors on a possible D500 replacement ??
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  152. Group-Area Af in AF-S
  153. Rear dial and reviewing images
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  171. Orientation
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  173. Never give up!!!!
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  177. Xqd
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  179. Card capacity
  180. Metering options
  181. Streets of Paris
  182. sensor brush size
  183. How to Set Custom Control Asignment Button on D500
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  185. well, this was weird
  186. Grip offer off the table for now
  187. Royal International Air Tattoo - 2018
  188. Focus beep
  189. Love my D500 but.......
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  191. Iso info
  192. Green Heron from this morning
  193. Lenses
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  210. limit the Auto-ISO
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  213. When I woke up this mornin'
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  216. Can not shut down the camera
  217. Max auto iso settings......
  218. 250,000 clicks
  219. SD card problem
  220. SD or XQD
  221. battery grip
  222. D500 Autofocus Performance
  223. User Banks
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  227. Specially for Marilynne
  228. I can finally post here. :-)
  229. Uh oh!
  230. Waning Gibbous Moon
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  240. What to Look For
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  242. Shooting in the rain.
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