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    First long exposure shot

    Nikon D5100 : F/32 : shutter 2.5 Sec. ISO-100 Mode-S

    Nikon D5100 : F/36 : shutter 2 Sec. ISO-100 Mode-S

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      Re: First long exposure shot

      Quote Originally Posted by antondmp View Post
      Nikon D5100 : F/32 : shutter 2.5 Sec. ISO-100 Mode-S

      Nikon D5100 : F/36 : shutter 2 Sec. ISO-100 Mode-S

      Both are very nice shots! Thanks for sharing.
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      Re: First long exposure shot

      I like the second shot best. The exposure is long enough to get the motion, but not so long that it washes the rest out.
      I find the tall grasses in the foreground of the first shot a bit distracting. Next time, see if you can get someone to hold the grasses back out of the frame.

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      Re: First long exposure shot

      Thanks for ur advice Mike

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      Re: First long exposure shot

      I like ths second one a lot better but allow me to make a suggestion if I could. The blurred water, which I assume you want to be the focal point of the image, is too small within the frame. I would suggest croping the image to focus more intently on that blurred water. Also, in shots like this, it is better to get down closer to "eye level" of the image rather than pointing down to it.

      Name:  blurred water.jpg
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      Re: First long exposure shot

      Who dares, wins.

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      Re: First long exposure shot

      thanks for ur advice STM.next time i'll try my best
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      Re: First long exposure shot

      Good first step, maybe your next step will be to do a long exposure shot of Niagara Falls.

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