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    D7000 and Lightroom 3

    LR3 doesn't want to download my raw photos taken with the D7000. ANy ideas???

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    Re: D7000 and Lightroom 3

    Are you hooking the camera up via usb or just inserting the card into a reader?

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    Re: D7000 and Lightroom 3

    Just inserting a card into a reader

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    Re: D7000 and Lightroom 3

    Did it work with a card from another camera?

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    Re: D7000 and Lightroom 3

    I just tried it from the camera into the supplied Nikon NX2 software. LR3 would not import the nef files and did not recognize the jpg files. The Nikon NX 2 software did work as, did the iPhoto. I haven't tried CS5 yet to see but, Bridge 5 only takes the jpg and says it can't do the nef. Perhaps the NX 2 software is combining the pics since the file size is 27M per pic.

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    Re: D7000 and Lightroom 3

    There is an NEF update from Nikon. Eduard gets the credit for this. Check out the Computers and Software section.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: D7000 and Lightroom 3

    Adobe Photoshop CS5, Bridge CS5 and Lightroom 3.x should be able to correctly process the JPEG files. The NEF files will require an update by Adobe to the Camera RAW plugin to process but I'm surprised that LR couldn't import them into the catalog.

    The file size seems normal - the NEF files from my D300 are around 24-25M per image.

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    Re: D7000 and Lightroom 3

    There is a Camera RAW update from Adobe but I don't know if it covers the D7000 but here is the link Install the Adobe Camera Raw 6.2 plug-in update
    every time a new camera comes out it seems like the software needs to be updated as well Hope this helps
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    Re: D7000 and Lightroom 3

    I'm going to guess you need an ACR update - not sure if Adobe Camera Raw supports the D7000 NEF files yet.

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    Re: D7000 and Lightroom 3

    I did all of the CS5 and Bridge updates and reinstalled everything as well and got a message "Raw files do not support your camera" or words to that effect. You would think that NIKON would have gotten a fix to these essential elements of photography before they adjusted the software.

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