• Here is a comparison with the new D600 images and the D700:

    Click here for the full size image.

    Update - click here to go to the D600 vs D700 spec and official image comparison


    The original pics: http://nikonites.com/content/329-lea...00-images.html

    Notable differences:
    • Smaller body (probably closer to the D7000 in size)
    • Flash sync and remote terminal are gone from the front right
    • Bracket button under the flash button on the right side
    • Flash pop up button removed (or moved)
    • Focus mode selector different
    • Record button in place of mode button & focus mode moved to top behind power switch
    • Fn button moved a bit
    • Top right dial appears to be much more like the D7000 dial

    The last set of rumored D600 specs: http://nikonites.com/content/320-upd...600-specs.html
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    1. Rick M's Avatar
      Rick M -
      smaller size would be great!

      › See More: Article: D600 vs D700 images
    1. Sambr's Avatar
      Sambr -
      This is going to be an interesting camera. The D600 interests me more so than the D800 I can live with 24 MP as opposed to. 36MP
    1. Marcel's Avatar
      Marcel -
      Quote Originally Posted by salvatore View Post
      This is going to be an interesting camera. The D600 interests me more so than the D800 I can live with 24 MP as opposed to. 36MP
      And about half the price isn't something to neglect too.
    1. westmill's Avatar
      westmill -
      I cant say as I think its an attractive camera. Im not sure I like the squashed appearance of it or the tall prism head.
      Maybe it will grow on me lol. It might look better with a lens attached and grip I guess
    1. pistnbroke's Avatar
      pistnbroke -
      does not convince me particularly the out of focus control knob ..does not seem to have the right markings for a up range camera .all the top models have a totally different knob ??
    1. Rick M's Avatar
      Rick M -
      The shape is odd, hope it's just the angle they shot.
    1. Phillydog1958's Avatar
      Phillydog1958 -
      I agree that the pics certainly don't do the D600 much justice. I look forward to official pics.
    1. jdeg's Avatar
      jdeg -
      Quote Originally Posted by cnyram View Post
      The shape is odd, hope it's just the angle they shot.
      Yes, it is. See the original pics.
    1. Rick M's Avatar
      Rick M -
      Quote Originally Posted by jdeg View Post
      Yes, it is. See the original pics.
      Are you saying the angle is to blame or it is in fact oddly shaped?
    1. gfinlayson's Avatar
      gfinlayson -
      The tall prism head looks interesting - wonder if it'll be 100% viewfinder coverage. The thing that infuriated me most about the D700 was the 95% viewfinder coverage - with only 12MP to start with, losing 5% outside the frame wasn't good for large prints.

      The mode select button is identical to the D7000, although why anyone who wants an FX camera would want scene modes is beyond me. The remainder of the layout is very akin to the D7000, with the same AF mode selection that was adopted from the D7000 into the D4 and the D800.

      Makes me wonder if Nikon has decided that the days of the pro/prosumer DX are gone in favour of FX. I'll be disappointed if they do go that way - the biggest advantage of DX for me is the 50% extra free mm you get with telephotos. My Siggy 500 f/4.5 on a D7000 gives me more reach than the Nikon 600 f/4 would give on a full frame body, is almost as fast and is about half the cost.
    1. pistnbroke's Avatar
      pistnbroke -
      ..All the pro models have the button controller...??? ~Which is why I think its a fake.
      But all this speculation is a waste of effort until the real thing is released
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