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  1. For our friends in Canada

    -hall.jpgTurua is small village about 7KM from the township of Thames. New Zealand. I live just down the road from here.
    Hpoe you enjoy.
  2. cowboys/rangers fans anyone. . . .?

    im not. . . lol. . .being into reptiles, i recently went to an arlington, tx reptile convention. . . the convention center was right across these two stadiums. . .at first i thought i got good shots when looking at the camera playback. . . then after flying back home and checking it out i didnt like them. . .lol. . .so thus they stayed on a hard drive ...

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  3. "saturday. . .in the park. . .i think it was the fourth of july. . . "

    not really the fourth of july. . .but it was a saturday when i took this shot. . .lol. . also there is a fountain. . .(water, not firework. . .lol). . took the kids to the park yesterday and brought the camera. . .i shot about thirty shots or so. . .tried to get some ducks and stuff but it didnt pan out too well. . .but i did get this one. . .i found ...

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  4. Seaside gardens. . .carpinteria, ca. . .

    found this little jewel of a place while working a little up north this week. . .seaside gardens, in carpinteria, ca. . .never been to a botanical garden before and i have to say theyre amazing. . .(at least this one was). . .enjoy. . .

    for some reason ...

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  5. I have chosen wisely

    I have been thinking the last couple of days about how exciting it is to develop and manage this art gallery that I have built from the ground up and about the three very talented women, I have emplyed to make it and ongoing reality.
    And the following came to mind.
    Have you all see the third installment of Indiana ...
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